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Our Estate Management Process

The death of a loved one is often a stressful experience and we offer a range of Estate Management services to ease the burden of dealing in complicated matters such as cataloguing personal items, clearing of the home and ensuring family members retain important and valuable items.


In the event that the deceased has previously discussed arrangements with family or government departments, there is still a requirement for premises to be dealt with in a sensitive and effective manner.

Our process includes –

  • Initial Assessment
  • Liaise with family members and care workers when required
  • Sort and seal saleable items, furniture, white goods etc. and arrange the sale of these items through a reputable auction house
  • Other items, such as clothing, linen, crockery and cutlery are cleared and taken to charity institutions, such as Red Cross, Salvation Army and Wesley Uniting
  • All historical memorabilia are returned to the appropriate department – war museum, etc.
  • Find items bequeathed in a deceased’s Will
  • Organise delivery of bequeathed items
  • Cataloguing of personal papers, memorabilia and jewelry is sorted, listed and returned to the appropriate person
  • All rubbish removed from premises
  • Pest Control arranged if required
  • Arrange household and garden maintenance if needed
  • Professional cleaning of the estate is arranged ready for sale or re-use of the home
  • Final inspection
  • Full written report on the services we have provided
  • Pathological cleaning
  • Trauma cleaning


From our initial meeting to ensuring that all facets of the estate are finalised, Estate Solutions offer a respectful and experienced approach leading to a positive outcome for your individual requirements.



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