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I highly recommend using Estate Solutions

Caroline's empathic nature and genuine concern and respect for her clients is outstanding. I highly recommend using Estate Solutions, they are trustworthy, respectful and work to an extremely high standard to meet all your needs.

Deb Mastin

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The unit looks very tidy now and all the clutter has been moved out

Id like to thank you very much for the work you have done in my Mother in laws unit, after my Father in law passed away last year she really went downhill and that's when she started the hoarding. I know it was hard for her to part with his clothing and some other possessions but she felt much better knowing that a lot was going to charity and she was very grateful that you organised some of the stuff to be sold at auction. The unit looks very tidy now and all the clutter has been moved out. Thank you again for your great work.


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Moving into nursing home

Caroline was a wonderful help during a very trying and difficult time for our family. Her commitment and dedication to helping us was outstanding. Thank You.

John Webber

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