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Helping Hoarders and Collectors

Estate Solutions is one of the few agencies in South Australia that have experience with collectors and hoarders who accumulate a significant amount of items over time, which can lead to unsafe and unsanitary living conditions.


For family members assisting hoarders and collectors, we find that individuals who display accumulative behaviours can be distressed at the thought of relinquishing items, and we have a great deal of experience in handling these situations in a sensitive manner.


There are a range of issues to address when dealing with a hoarder of collector and we have extensive experience in assisting family members or government appointed administrators from addressing the initial issue, working closely with the client by assessing the outcomes required and putting into place an effective solution.

Facing the premises of a deceased hoarder or collector can be a daunting prospect as often the sheer volume of items can be overwhelming.

It can also be extremely difficult to locate important documents and items to finalise a deceased estate.


Complicating this is the fact that homes occupied by individuals can be left in a state leading to issues with general safety aspects of entering and clearing of the home.


With deceased estates of hoarders and collectors, we have experience in cataloguing of all items, the safe removal and redistribution of all materials, the sale of unwanted items with monies paid to the estate and cleaning of the homes ready for re-use or sale.


We also offer a full written report of all work undertaken for your peace of mind.

We welcome you to contact us and discuss your personal situation.



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